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Me In Sedona ArizonaMy name is Gary and I have been a lucid dreamer for over 19 years. I have learned a lot of amazing things through my dreams and countless hours of research.

Unlike many people interested in Lucid Dreaming, my ability came naturally at the age of 10 as a way to defeat my nightmares.  Before you say – “man this guy is lucky to have had the ability to lucid dream naturally!” – let me explain.

When I was 8 I had a very tragic experience and I soon began to have horrific nightmares and night terrors nearly every night. The nightmares were so bad that I was scared to even fall asleep because I knew when I did, those same dark figures were going to be there. On several occasions I tried staying home from primary school and used the excuse that my tummy hurts. Of course, this wasn’t the real reason and my mother knew this, but she failed to realize that my reason for not wanting to attend school was because I was getting very little sleep.

Then, something amazing happened! I had my first lucid dream and was finally able to confront my darkest fear with the power of a superhero and a Ninja Turtle.

“I was on the street behind my house and I was being chased by Satan and his demons. They were screaming and making nasty noises and I was running home. While I was running I said to myself: this is a dream, THIS IS A DREAM!

I stopped and turned around and they stopped right in their tracks. I walked up to Satan and said you will not come after me anymore. Swords appeared on my back like Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles, and I pulled it out and cut Satan’s head off. All his demons disappeared. I ran towards my house again excited and put my arm out like Super-man and began to fly.  And then I woke up.”

That special night was life changing because I was no longer scared to go to sleep, I did better in school, I wasn’t as mean to other kids, and I began to naturally experiment with how to have lucid dreams without waking myself up. The craziest part about it all was that I didn’t even know what lucid dreaming was. I just knew that I could control my dreams and be my very own super hero!

It wasn’t until I was 16 that an older friend of mine, Charles, told me about this thing he has been trying to have after hearing about it in his 12th grade class- Lucid Dreaming. It was exhilarating to finally share all of the adventures I had in the dream world without feeling like an outcast. Even better, he gave me enough information to start researching techniques and begin pushing the limits of my lucid dreams.

Because of all this, I am excited to be able to share my experience, information, and strategies on Lucid Dreaming with you here on my site!

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