How To Remember Your Dreams

If you want to learn how to control your dreams you need to set a goal to remember at least one dream a night. For many this may seem like an impossible task but it isn’t. The reason you don’t remember dreams can be due to several factors, but here are some common reasons: ♦ […]

Alcohol and Your Sleep Cycle

I will be the first to admit, I enjoy a few beers on occasion.  As you might already know, a few drinks right before bed can help you fall asleep faster but as the article below explains, it doesn’t give you satisfying sleep.  The most important thing to understand is that too much alcohol before […]

Does Alcohol Affect Dream Control?

How I drank 12 Beers and Still Went Lucid… Many experienced and inexperienced lucid dreamers will tell you that alcohol (in any amount) will suppress lucid dreams. Maybe you have taken their advice and given up downing a few beers or sipping wine every now and then. If your like me, I love drinking occasionally […]

Most Effective Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The amazing thing about lucid dreaming is there are several effective techniques you can use to induce lucidity. Some techniques are easier to perform than others but each has unique pros and cons. The following are descriptions of the different lucid dreaming techniques. Wake Back to Bed Technique otherwise known as WBTB This technique requires […]

How Long Before Your First Lucid Dream?

Your Commitment and Desire Matter Most! The length of time it takes you to have lucid dreams will depend on your commitment and whether or not you possess the key skills. One study has shown that a group of very committed students were able to have their first lucid dream within 3-21 days of their […]

Dream Recall

Remembering Dreams For Lucid Dreaming-1

And Simple Techniques For Remembering Dreams Record Your Dreams One of the most important parts of developing your skills for lucid dreaming is in dream recall. It doesn’t matter how often you think you dream, the reality is that you are most likely dreaming every single night. The best way to remember your dreams is […]

Learn To Lucid Dream

Rem cycle for lucid dreaming-1

Lucid Dreaming Techniques For The Beginner: The Basics Anyone can learn how to lucid dream, but just like any other skill it takes practice and a little bit of time. There are several simple techniques a beginning lucid dreamer can begin practicing right now without the need to invest a ton of time or energy.  […]

Curing Nightmares With Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming A cure for nightmares

How Lucid Dreaming Can Cure Your Nightmares  We’ve already talked about the ways that lucid dreaming can help you to improve your life and make changes to your waking reality. Lucid dreaming is more than just a fun or neat experience. It can help you  develop new skills, but almost more importantly it can help […]

Who Is Lucid Dreaming For?

Who can lucid dream

Anyone Can Lucid Dream It’s not uncommon for people to experience lucid dreaming at some point in their lives. But for those of you reading here, you are probably looking to develop this skill in order to lucid dream whenever you want to.  And it’s possible but just like developing any skill in your life, […]

Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming?

benefits of lucid dreaming

Aside from all of the fantasy, excitement, and adventure, lucid dreaming also has nearly limitless potential for self-development There are a lot of benefits to lucid dreaming. At first you might be excited by the idea of controlling your dreams and doing anything you want. Being able to explore the dream landscape can be fun […]

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