Daydreaming Your Way To Success

Daydreaming You and Your Secret Crush

Do you remember daydreaming about your crush when you were younger?  You know, where you visualize yourself going up to the person and expressing your undying love, only to find out they feel the same way about you.  The two of you kiss and can’t keep your hands off of each other so you decide to run away together and live happily ever after.  These types of daydreams are common and I had my fair share of them growing up.  The problem is that aside from living out fantasies most people don’t really see the true potential hidden within this alternate state of reality.

Visualizing The Future

Consider this, there are thousands of very successful people that use daydreams to visualize their future.  I’m not just talking about a fantasy future; I’m talking about important business decisions they know they will have to make in the near future.  “Where do I need to focus my attention and what direction will this take me?”  “What employee should I move into management and what kind of leader would they be?”  Many professionals in nearly every field use daydreaming to rehearse important speeches and their positive outcome.

Athletes even use daydreams to rehearse important matches or races.  They don’t visualize themselves losing, but winning.  These positive daydreams have been shown to increase confidence and often time leads to winning their competition.

Personal Development And You

Just like lucid dreaming, daydreams offer us a lot of amazing opportunities for personal development.  Think about it, you can visualize a negative event that occurred in the past and change the ending to a positive one.  Wouldn’t it be nice to overwrite a negative experience with a positive one?

This type of mental programming is used for children and adults who have recurring nightmares and it’s called imagery rehearsal.  Over 70% of the people who have used this method have successfully eliminated their recurrent nightmares.  Next time I’m going to show you how imagery rehearsal and lucid dreaming can stop nightmares in there tracks!

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