Do Supplements Help You Lucid Dream?

Supplements and Lucid Dreaming

There are plenty of substances that you can use to help aid in the process of lucid dreaming, but I’m here to tell you not to.  When you are just starting out you need to develop the skills of lucid dreaming on your own.  It would be like learning how to walk, but using crutches to do so.  Crutches can help you to get there, but it won’t really help you to develop those muscles on your own.

Besides many of the ones that actually work are illegal and potentially dangerous.  Because of these concerns, we will not be discussing what these items are here.  Just trust that you don’t need to use illegal substances in order to have a lucid dreaming experience.

You can also try plenty of natural supplements that some believe will bring lucidity, but you should be aware that most often these supplements only work due to the placebo effect.  The placebo effect is when you are told that a supplement is going to create an experience for you, but in actuality the pill doesn’t have the ability to do anything.  It is your belief that makes the supplement work.  This just shows again that you don’t need anything to create a lucid dream, except a strong desire and the right training!

Here are some of the supplements that people sell as a means of creating lucid dreams:

  • Calea Zacatechichi – Often called the “dream herb” this supplement is sold for increasing vivid dreams and lucid dreaming.  It is believed to increase the hypnagogic states, but this has yet to be proven.  I have personally tried this supplement and it had very little effect.
  • “Dream Pills” – There are plenty of supplements that are sold with the title of ‘dream pill’.  These pills have a wide variety of herbs and minerals in them.  None of them are proven effective.  Except for maybe effectively taking your money.
  • Galantamine – This plant is found in many of the magic dreaming pills.  It is created from red spider lilies and is currently being used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.  It has been proven to increase memory function, but this doesn’t mean it will help with lucid dreaming.
  • 5-HTP – This substance is partly what serotonin is made up of and it is connected to the sleep cycle, but it can also bring nightmares and uncontrollable dreaming. Large amounts of 5-HTP can also be dangerous and for that reason I do not encourage anyone to use it.
  • Melatonin – Many people use this supplement to help aid in sleeping, but it hasn’t been proven to help aid in the lucid dreaming process.  Although many who use melatonin have experienced increased dreaming.
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