Dream Recall

And Simple Techniques For Remembering Dreams

Record Your Dreams

One of the most important parts of developing your skills for lucid dreaming is in dream recall. It doesn’t matter how often you think you dream, the reality is that you are most likely dreaming every single night. The best way to remember your dreams is to write them down. This is why you need to invest a little time and energy into a dream journal.

Dream Journal

A dream journal should sit next to your bed every night. And don’t forget the pen! Anytime you wake up you should immediately write down the dreams while they are still fresh in your mind. Write down any details that stand out. Write down any people, places, or emotions that you might be feeling about what happened in the dream.

Wake Up!

Take time when you wake up. Don’t just jump out of bed and start your day. Instead give yourself some space to see if any important dream images come through for you. Sometimes using a visual trigger point will help this process. Look at a painting, a door handle, or something in sight as a way to open your dream space.

The Dream Eraser

In order to help you remember your dreams don’t use a loud alarm to wake yourself up. If possible wake up to instrumental music (music without words) that starts out soft and slowly gets louder. The best way to wake up from a dream state is naturally, but let’s be honest, we all need the help of an alarm to us wake up. Just remember, when your working on developing your lucid dreaming skills it is important not to use an alarm that startles you awake. If it is not possible to lower the volume on your alarm, or play instrumental music, just move it further away from where you sleep. If your alarm is loud it will scare you awake and you will not remember any of your dreams.

Dream Signs

As you start your dream journal you will also want to keep track of your personal dream signs. Dream signs are the occurrences, images, or symbols that you most frequently experience while dreaming. When you see these signs it can help to trigger you into realizing that you are dreaming and allow you to take over control of that dream.

Another way to use dream signs is to recognize when something seriously unusual happens in your dreams; like if you are floating above the Empire State building, sitting on a golden throne, or casting spells at Hogwarts. Of course, when you are dreaming this isn’t always easy to figure out, but as you practice lucid dreaming it will become easier and easier.

Once you start to notice your dream signs you can use these to help you easily slip into a lucid dream state. Before you go to sleep look over your list of dream signs and set an intention that if you encounter any of these signs you will recognize that you are dreaming and take control.


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