Does Alcohol Affect Dream Control?

How I drank 12 Beers and Still Went Lucid…

Many experienced and inexperienced lucid dreamers will tell you that alcohol (in any amount) will suppress lucid dreams. Maybe you have taken their advice and given up downing a few beers or sipping wine every now and then. If your like me, I love drinking occasionally and sometimes I have a few too many. You’re about to discover how I drank 12 beers and still experienced full lucidity.

So Does Drinking Really Suppress Lucid Dreams?

The short answer for beginning lucid dreamers is yes, alcohol interrupts your sleep cycle making it difficult to achieve conscious dream control.  But if you find yourself having a few beers and still want to experience lucid dreaming there is a work around.  This doesn’t mean you can go party like there’s no tomorrow and expect to have your very first lucid dream. But if you have a few lucid dreams under your belt and have good dream recall, you can certainly drink and still go lucid.

It’s well established that a few alcoholic beverages can help you fall asleep but it also disrupts your natural sleep cycle. This is why you wake up several times after drifting off into a deep sleep. It also makes your thought process and memory very sluggish which isn’t ideal for lucid dreaming.

Last night, me and my wife had a few long time friends over for a little partying. One thing led to another and we all had too much to drink. After turning in at 2 am I had no problem falling asleep but continually woke up throughout the night. Other people see this as a bad thing but I don’t. Extreme lucid dreamers set their alarms to go off throughout the night so they can wake up after each REM period. This is done to build dream recall and record lucid dreams. It seems like a hassle doesn’t it? Well I can tell you that it is because I use to do it when I was a teenager.

Alcohol can have the same effect that an alarm has but without the annoying noise. It can and does, wake you up just like an alarm clock throughout the night. If you pushed yourself, you could even record the dreams after waking up but who wants to do that when your feel a little hung over.

If you want to drink and still have lucid dreams there’s a simple technique you can use and it’s called Wake Back To Bed (WBTB). It does not require you to record dreams every time you wake up during the night and you can still get a good night’s sleep!

Usually when you have a few too many it’s going to be on the weekend right? Well WBTB isn’t the most convenient technique to use during the weekday but it’s perfect for the weekend, when you don’t have a ton of obligations.

So How Did I Drink 12 Beers and Still Go Lucid?

It’s simple, I stayed in bed until 9 am, woke up for 45 minutes and slept for another 2 hours. I was able to go lucid following the Wake Back to Bed Technique and even better, I felt like a million bucks after waking up!


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