How Long Before Your First Lucid Dream?

Your Commitment and Desire Matter Most!

The length of time it takes you to have lucid dreams will depend on your commitment and whether or not you possess the key skills. One study has shown that a group of very committed students were able to have their first lucid dream within 3-21 days of their first attempt. These students were given a good amount of training in the art of lucid dreaming and practiced mindfulness on a daily basis.

Many of you will probably not be able to dedicate hours each day to developing your lucid dreaming skills, so it may take you a little longer to begin to see some results. Once again though, if your immersing yourself in the thought of lucid dreaming then you will experience your first lucid dream much faster than someone who just thinks about it occasionally.

There is a small population of people who have reported their first lucid dream within 1 or 2 nights of learning about it. These people are considered “natural lucid dreamers” and are usually introspective and mindful during their daily lives.

If you’re having trouble experiencing your first lucid dream make a commitment right now. Do not continually say, “well I don’t have time”, “I just can’t do it”, “I’m not meant to have lucid dreams”, or any other negative statements. You can have lucid dreams, and here’s how:

Journal every morning

Spend 20-30 minutes a day practicing mindfulness and/or meditation

Practice reality checks throughout the day

Think about what you will do in your first lucid dream (visualize it as if you were watching a movie)

Continually remind yourself of your desire to have lucid dreams

Try and master at least one lucid dreaming technique

Continue reading about lucid dreaming and NEVER GIVE UP!

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