How To Remember Your Dreams

If you want to learn how to control your dreams you need to set a goal to remember at least one dream a night. For many this may seem like an impossible task but it isn’t.

The reason you don’t remember dreams can be due to several factors, but here are some common reasons:

Abrupt Awakenings – Your Alarm May be too Loud

♦ Wakening and Thinking about the Day Ahead

♦ Lack of Focus on What you Were Just Dreaming

♦ Exhaustion

Planning Ahead To Remember Your Dreams

If your alarm is too loud you should either move it away from your bed or lower the volume. Many of us also have extremely busy lives so immediately upon wakening you might find yourself thinking about everything you have to do for the day.

I have found that writing down tasks for the following day frees your mind up for the morning. When you write things down, you brain sees it as validation and no longer feels the need to remind you. Give this a try and see how great it feels to wake up with a calm mind.

Immediately after waking up focus on what you were just dreaming and lay still. Do not think about anything else or get out of bed.

You may have to dig deep but still only remember bits and pieces of what you were just dreaming. This is okay, just write down what you can remember, even if it’s just bits and pieces of a scene from your dream.


♦ Was it colorful?

♦ Were there people?

♦ What was the setting?

♦ Were you interacting with people?

This should only take five or ten minutes to complete. After thinking about the dreams you had begin to record them somewhere, even if it’s in a notebook. Do not worry about using complete sentences and all the grammar rules.

As you begin recording your dreams you’re probably going to notice that you continue having common things appearing in your dreams. Whether it’s a person, an object- such as a plane, or a particular setting. These are called dream signs and they are an excellent tool to use to trigger lucidity. Here lately I have been noticing that a lot of cars are appearing in my dream.

One tried to hit me as I was crossing the street and I just picked it up like I was super man and wiggled my finger back and forth at the driver. You will come to a point in your lucid dreams where you no longer want to try and control every aspect of your dream and choose to take a higher plain. But since you’re just starting out it will probably be several years after you have lived out every fantasy and adventure you can think of before you no longer wish to control everything.

Whatever you do make sure you get in the habit of doing this every morning and if you don’t like the idea of a dream log, use the note app in your phone. If you’re not the writing type, just talk into the voice memo in your phone (if your tech savvy). Just make sure it’s documented somehow, somewhere.

If you do not build up your dream recall you could have a lucid dream and not remember it in the morning! With that being said, do not skip this step.

It is the foundation for every other technique used in lucid dreaming.  


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