Meditation? The Answer Will Surprise You

You Don’t Have To Sit For Hours To Meditate

When you think of meditation do you picture a monk sitting in traditional posture for hours at a time?  Well that’s just one type of meditation and let’s be honest, we don’t have hours a day to spend meditating in a monastery.  Over the next several weeks I’m going to cover a lot of different aspects of meditating, including the different types of meditation.  One thing is for sure, all of the different meditation styles will boost your ability to lucid dream.  In fact, meditation is the gate way to a calm mind and sleeping body and you will see why this is very important for lucid dreams.

Let’s get started

So what is meditation?  Meditation means many different things to different people and their culture.  Many cultures (not America) consider meditation to be a very important part of their daily life.  Even though many Americans don’t consider meditation very important to keep a sound body and mind, you will be different because you will understand how awesome it is.  You will also be one of the few that has lucid dreams on a consistent basis.  Most meditation traditions have one very important thing in common:  Learning how not to think and slow down and relax the mind.  All meditation techniques teach you to focus your attention to one-pointedness so your thoughts aren’t scattered all over the place.  This “one-pointedness” can be a sound, a visual object or even a thought.  Here are some of the different types of meditation:

Breathing Meditation

Visual Meditation

Moving Meditation (Tai Chi, QiGong)

Sound Meditation

Zen Buddhist meditation

Classica Yoga

New Age Meditation

Mindfulness meditation

Prayer (Many religions consider this to be very important)

Creative Visualization

Meditation Through Art (painting, drawing)

You don’t have to practice all of these but out of the list you will find one or several that works best for you.  Whenever I meditate I use breathing, visual, sound, mindfulness, prayer and creative visualization.  These just work for my schedule because they are simple and very effective.

Look at the list and think about which ones you are appealing to you.  Do you love listening to music?  Are you the creative type, maybe an artist?  Do you follow a certain faith?  Are you quiet and reflective?  Ask these questions and choose a few and don’t worry you can always try another if one doesn’t work well for you.


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