Most Effective Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The amazing thing about lucid dreaming is there are several effective techniques you can use to induce lucidity. Some techniques are easier to perform than others but each has unique pros and cons. The following are descriptions of the different lucid dreaming techniques.

Wake Back to Bed Technique otherwise known as WBTB

This technique requires you to wake up anytime after you get 5 hours of sleep. You can intentionally wake yourself up or you can give it a try when you wake up and find yourself unable to go back to sleep. Upon awakening you can carry out your daily routine for that day. You can set aside clothes for the day, read the paper, a book (preferably on lucid dreaming), or whatever else you choose. Stay awake for 45 minutes to an hour and then return to bed. Doing this will increase your chance of becoming aware in your longest REM period.

*Remember that as the night progresses your REM periods become longer and longer.*

Waking up after 5 hours of sleep and then going back to bed will allow you to enter directly into one of the longest REM periods. This not only increases your chance of becoming aware in your dream but it also increases your chances of remembering your dream!

Wake Initiated Lucid Dream Technique Otherwise known as WILD

This technique requires you to enter a lucid dream using methods such as meditation, deep trance like states, and/or visualization. WILD’s are not the best choice for the beginner but they can lead to the most exciting and colorful lucid dreams imaginable. If attempting a WILD, concentrate on the hypnogogic imagery and your breathing. You must be in a very deep relaxed state to pull off a WILD.

Dream Initiated Lucid Dream Otherwise known as DILD

This is the most common type of Lucid Dream that beginners experience. This technique is accomplished by using reality checks, dream incubation, and/or dream symbols. This type of LD does not start out as a Lucid Dream, but as a non-lucid dream. As the non-lucid dream progresses, your conscious mind figures out you’re dreaming through some particular trigger. This trigger can be caused by something illogical (you’re flying, or driving a car you know isn’t yours). It can also occur because you have effectively used reality checks and they have carried over to your subconscious, such as checking your watch.

Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream Technique AKA, MILD

This technique is relatively simple and one of the most effective. It is accomplished through autosuggestion, or convincing your conscious mind that you will have a Lucid Dream. This message is internalized and dramatically increases your chance of having a lucid dram. If you attempt this technique make sure you are 100% convinced in your statement (mental statement) that you will have a lucid dream. You must say it will conviction!

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