Reality Checks Made Simple

Reality checks are an excellent addition to your lucid dreaming tool kit. It only takes a few minutes a day for them to be effective.  

A reality check is when you ask yourself (throughout the day) am I dreaming? Dr. Tholey as well as Dr. LaBerge, suggest you do this at least five to ten times a day, especially in situations that feel slightly dream like.

I typically perform 5 reality a checks the day I want to have a Lucid Dream. After all, how do you know you are not dreaming anyway?

If you don’t know how to answer this when you’re awake then your odds of doing it in your dream are very slim. There are a few methods that you can use to be certain that you are not dreaming and here they are:

  • Clocks and Watches – They change when you’re dreaming
  • Words on Paper – They usually transform into jumbled text
  • Light Switches – They usually do not turn on when you’re dreaming

As you know, regular dreams are very unpredictable and unstable. This is why you may recall a dream that has multiple scenes that are constantly changing. Not only do the scenes change but your roles in the dream also change.

They typically do not appear to follow any logical path and are very fluid. However, once you begin to record your dreams you will begin to notice common elements in your dreams and they will serve as your “personal dream signs”.  You will learn more about “personal dream signs” later as you advance in your lucid dreaming basics.

To carry out reality checks you only need to look at words on paper or a watch, turn away, and look at it again. If it changes, you are in a dream, but if it’s the same, you can be sure you’re awake. It may seem like non-sense but I assure you that it’s not. This has been scientifically studied by Dr. Tholey and confirmed to be not just effective, but extremely effective.

The idea behind this technique is that when you get in a habit of performing this activity, it will carry over into your dreams. It will be your “eureka” moment. One moment you will be mindlessly passing through your dream until you notice an inconsistency with a watch, clock, light switch or words.

You will notice they change after looking away and then back at them. Once you recognize this you will likely get so excited that you have become lucid that you will wake yourself up. Once you become aware in the dream try to keep your excitement at a minimum, and just look around at your surroundings. I say this knowing that most people who are learning how to induce lucid dreams awaken after achieving lucidity.

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