Do Supplements Help You Lucid Dream?

Supplements and Lucid Dreaming There are plenty of substances that you can use to help aid in the process of lucid dreaming, but I’m here to tell you not to.  When you are just starting out you need to develop the skills of lucid dreaming on your own.  It would be like learning how to […]

Reality Checks Made Simple

Reality checks are an excellent addition to your lucid dreaming tool kit. It only takes a few minutes a day for them to be effective.   A reality check is when you ask yourself (throughout the day) am I dreaming? Dr. Tholey as well as Dr. LaBerge, suggest you do this at least five to […]

Does Alcohol Affect Dream Control?

How I drank 12 Beers and Still Went Lucid… Many experienced and inexperienced lucid dreamers will tell you that alcohol (in any amount) will suppress lucid dreams. Maybe you have taken their advice and given up downing a few beers or sipping wine every now and then. If your like me, I love drinking occasionally […]

Curing Nightmares With Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming A cure for nightmares

How Lucid Dreaming Can Cure Your Nightmares  We’ve already talked about the ways that lucid dreaming can help you to improve your life and make changes to your waking reality. Lucid dreaming is more than just a fun or neat experience. It can help you  develop new skills, but almost more importantly it can help […]

A Short History Of Lucid Dreaming


Important People In Lucid Dreaming Lucid dreaming has a long and interesting past, are you surprised? We can’t really know how long people have been using lucid dreaming because it wasn’t something that was written about until the fifth century.  But there’s no doubt it has been something that people have been experiencing since the […]

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