What is Lucid Dreaming?

It’s Knowing You Are Dreaming While You Are In Your Dream.

When you are lucid in your dreams you can tell the difference between realistic and unrealistic parts of your dream.  If you see a person flying, wouldn’t you know that’s impossible in real life?  When you realize these unreal experiences in your dream, you become lucid!

Being aware and conscious while you are dreaming is lucid dreaming!

When you become aware you are dreaming in your dreams this will give you the ability to fly, teleport, morph into a super hero, experience sexual pleasure with your secret crush, and explore unknown worlds!  Lucid dreaming gives you endless opportunities to experience the most fun and excitement you have had in your entire life!  After you are an experienced lucid dreamer you will be able to control your dreams and what happens in them.

Note: Just because you can control some of your dreams does NOT mean that you are lucid in them.

Why is the ability to control your dreams NOT the same as lucid dreaming?

It’s possible to control your dreams in a “non-lucid dream” and at the same time not be fully aware that you are dreaming.

Let’s look at this dream for example…

You’re in a remote deserted town and tumbleweeds are rolling all around you.  With each roll, dust is kicked into the air as if a tractor-trailer just drove by.  Out of nowhere, an enormous flying machine that stretches 3 football fields slowly lands 200 feet in front of you! 

You reach to your side for gun, not knowing what is about to get off this crazy ship. As the door opens and the ship becomes visible through all the dust, you see close to 50 huge, heavily armed men.  Your gut feeling is right you are in trouble!

You’re out numbered and scared out of your mind.  You know you’re no match for these giant-like men, with all of their high tech guns and protective armor.  Then you get some courage and decide today is not the day to mess with you.  You raise your hand like your in a Harry Potter scene, and the huge machine begins to lift off the ground. 

You have power that you didn’t know you had!

This gives you more encouragement to get rid of these people that came to hurt you. As the machine gets higher you toss the machine half way across the desert and as it hits the ground and explodes!

 As your looking into the distance at all of the smoke and flames you begin to feel like you are floating. You decide you shouldn’t leave a burning machine in the desert and flick your wrist again. The fire is put out and the ship is no longer visible because a huge rose garden now covers it. You stick out your arm and you begin to flying. 

Then you wake up. 

Yep, it was just a dream with a happy ending.  You controlled the situation and in many ways the dream.

But were you lucid while controlling the dream?

If you didn’t think or say to yourself that you were dreaming – then you were not lucid dreaming.  The above example was just a dream where you had a small amount of control.

You still feared the men on the ship and believed they could hurt you if you didn’t do something about it.  If you were lucid you would know that nothing in the dream was real and that you couldn’t be hurt because it was just taking place in your mind. You could have simply walked around the ship and explored the dreamscape and waited for the scenery to change.  You would also have the potential to fly into the clouds, produce friendly characters, change the landscape into something beautiful, or teleport into another world.

You have the potential to do anything and everything you want in your lucid dream world.

Once you become lucid that is.



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