Curing Nightmares With Lucid Dreaming

How Lucid Dreaming Can Cure Your Nightmares 

We’ve already talked about the ways that lucid dreaming can help you to improve your life and make changes to your waking reality. Lucid dreaming is more than just a fun or neat experience. It can help you  develop new skills, but almost more importantly it can help you to deal with difficult situations, like nightmares.

If you or a loved one is experiencing debilitating nightmares you can use lucid dreaming to help move past these dreams and get a handle on your dreaming. Getting past nightmares can make you feel like you are getting your life back.

When you have recurring nightmares going to sleep can be difficult. Many people who experience nightmares also have trouble getting to sleep because they are so afraid that the nightmares will come. This goes beyond little kids having bad dreams. Nightmares can seriously affect a person’s waking life. Check out the about me page and read about my personal struggles with nightmares as a kid.

There was a study done a few years ago that reflected lucid dreaming as an effective treatment for getting rid of nightmares. Yes folks, the medical community was able to prove that the practice of lucid dreaming can help people to get over recurring nightmares. Impressed?

There are two beliefs of why lucid dreaming is able to help people to overcome their nightmares. On one hand lucid dreaming gives people tools to help them deal with their dreams.  Such as dream recall, journaling, reality checks, and figuring out what the nightmares mean.  On the other hand, it’s simply the power one has over what happens in their dreams.  When I was experiencing recurring nightmares I simply faced the evil people who were chasing me and eliminated them… problem solved.

The answer to the above question is unclear, but does it really matter? Whether it is the power of having the tools or the power of using the tools, the bottom line is that it works. It helps people to recover from debilitation nightmares and find the restful sleep that they deserve.

Lucid dreaming can help people to develop skills that give them control of their dreams

Once you have control over your dreams, you can eliminate nightmares and change those bad endings into happy endings!  Like you triumphing over whatever has caused you so much suffering in the dream world!

These studies are now being taken to the next level. Lucid dreams can not only help with nightmares, but with the symptoms of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other physical issues that come up in regular everyday life.

So yes, lucid dreaming can be a hoot. You can totally have a great time and do some amazing things that you could never do in waking life. But it can also help to make sleep easier. It can help people to find peace. It can help you to transform your life.




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