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Lucid™ Mushroom+Nootropic Chai

Lucid is not your "regular" chai. It delivers stable energy, gives you laser focus, boosts your immunity, and the list goes on (just read below). All of this packed into an instant tasty drink. We know it'll work for you, just ask our 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Are you ready to discover what it feels like to be 100% you?

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Our masala spices are cryogenically ground and eliminates heat from the grinding process, in turn preserving the full flavors of chai. Drink it straight. Add your favorite creamer. Make it a latte. Have it iced. Choose your adventure.

We've blended our favorite chai spices along with raw cacao, MCT powder, mushrooms and nootropics and made ourselves quite the tasty super beverage. It contains about 35mg of caffeine (a third of a regular cup of coffee), and works in harmony with the power of mushrooms and nootropics.

Proprietary Mushroom Blend (2,000mg): 

Lion's Mane, Tremella, Cordyceps and Maitake

Proprietary Nootropic Blend (2,875mg): 

Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine, BCAA, L-Tyrosine and Ginkgo Biloba

    Our Mushroom Stack

    Each dose contains 2000mg of mushrooms that are made from fruited bodies, 100% certified organic, and processed in GMP certified facilities.


    The mushroom for the mind. Research shows that it contains compounds that may improve cognition, activate nerve growth, reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and have anti-inflammatory properties.


    Known as the “beauty mushroom” for its moisturizing properties & anti-aging effects on skin & skin cell growth, and repairing & preventing premature skin aging by keeping skin hydrated & supple.


    Known as the athlete's best friend. Research shows its ability to increase endurance, performance and improve heart health. It’s been used in Chinese Medicine to treat fatigue, kidney disease, and low sex drive.


    Discovered 2000 years ago in Japan, studies show its incredible health potentials, such as boosting immunity, cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol & improving digestion.

    Our Nootropics Stack

    Our nootropics are sourced carefully and processed using GMP manufacturing standards.


    A neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in memory, learning, and attention. By increasing the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, Alpha GPC is believed to enhance cognitive function.


    An amino acid naturally found in tea leaves that aids in lowering stress levels, improving sleep & focus. It’s popularity is due to its ability to relax you without causing drowsiness, especially when combined with caffeine. 


    Branched chain amino acids, essential amino acids that are used as sources of muscle energy. They can promote muscle protein synthesis and suppress the production of lactic acid.


    An amino acid that aids in the production of neurotransmitters that help nerve cells communicate and balance mood. It can also help in the function of organs responsible for making and regulating hormones.


    Derived from a unique ancient tree that's existed for 250 million years and popular in Chinese Medicine, that helps focus on improving circulation, has antioxidant properties, aids in neurogenesis.

    • What’s the difference between “regular” coffee and Lucid super coffee?

      Lucid’s proprietary mushroom stack + nootropic stack delivered a plethora of benefits like calmer, sharper focus, immune support, gut health and a calm digestive tract. All of this with half the caffeine of normal coffee, no jitters, and sustained energy without the crash.

    • What makes Lucid different from other mushroom infused beverages?

      While most other brands solely focus on medicinal mushrooms (which is great), Lucid focuses on delivering a powerful dose of both medicinal mushrooms and nootropics. This brings another level of upgrading the healthy functions of your body and cognitive functions of your mind.

    • How much caffeine are in the Lucid beverages?

      Each Lucid beverage contains less than half the amount of caffeine than regular coffee and energy drinks:

      - Lucid Super Coffee: 45mg

      - Lucid Super Chai: 35mg

      - Lucid Super Matcha: 42mg

    • What are nootropics?

      Nootropics are a class of substances that are believed to enhance cognitive function, including memory, creativity, and motivation. Sometimes referred to as "smart drugs" or "brain boosters", people use nootropics to improve their cognitive performance, particularly for tasks that require focus and concentration. They may also be used to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

    • Are medicinal mushrooms the same as psychedelic mushrooms?

      No. Medicinal mushrooms, also known as functional mushrooms, focus on different types of benefits, and have no psychedelic properties. Will you feel magical after drinking a cup? The chances are good.

    • Can you consume while pregnant or breastfeeding?

      If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult with your physician before drinking it.