Mushroom Latte Recipe: 3 Different Ways

Mushroom Latte Recipe: 3 Different Ways - Lucid™

Nootropic mushrooms are slowly emerging as the hottest new medicinal remedy for focus, energy, and immunity–and there’s a good reason. These funky little fungi are unique organisms full of bioactive compounds, many of which improve gut function and boost cognition through the gut-brain axis. 

We won’t get too far into the details (you can learn more about the benefits of nootropic mushrooms below), but if you’re looking for a tasty way to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your daily routine, we’ve got it–mushroom lattes. 

Here are three different ways to mix one up and everything you need to do it:

How to Make a Mushroom Latte

First and foremost, let’s dig into latte culture. When we say mushroom latte, we mean a rich, mushroom infused beverage made according to common latte techniques–meaning the primary component is creamy, steamed milk.

Traditionally, a latte is a milk coffee beverage made by combining creamy steamed milk with coffee and topping it with a thin layer of foam. Ultimately, lattes are mild, balanced, milky beverages that provide a moderate caffeine kick (usually either one or two shots of espresso). 

You can, of course, adjust the coffee content to your preference–but you may not need much caffeine when using nootropic mushrooms for energy and focus. You can also mix it up and make a latte without coffee. In fact, matcha lattes and chocolate lattes are becoming more and more popular–and they are just as delicious and easy to make. We’re going to cover three different types of mushroom lattes, but you’ll need similar tools for making each one. 

Ready to enjoy those functional fungi benefits? Let’s get started:

What You Need

In order to make this frothy cafe beverage, you’ll need a couple of simple tools:

  • A hand mixer/milk frother
  • A coffee mug (preferably a deep one so that coffee won’t spill over the sides while you mix)
  • A small kettle or saucepan for heating milk
  • An additional deep glass or jar for frothing milk

You’ll also need the mushrooms, of course, which brings us to an important question:

What Kind of Mushrooms are Best for Making Mushroom Lattes?

Determining the best mushroom varieties for your mushroom lattes takes a bit of introspection and a good understanding of the effects of medicinal mushrooms. If you’re going to hand pick mushrooms for your latte, you have plenty of therapeutic and nootropic options. Here’s a break down of the most common medicinal mushrooms and how they are used:

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane is a cognition-stimulating mushroom that’s known to promote Nerve Growth Factor production, meaning it may help the brain produce new neurons. Many reports link lion’s mane to improved focus and energy and a decreased stress impact, such as a lesser chance of developing stress-induced depression


Maitake is an immunity-enhancing powerhouse. Research suggests that maitake’s specific polysaccharide content may support cellular immunity to help prevent illness and infections. Some evidence suggests that maitake may also have significant brain-boosting and antidepressant effects.


Cordyceps is the “performance mushroom” that’s most often used by athletes and those looking to enhance agility and endurance. Evidence dating back to ancient medicine shows that cordyceps may help to promote the flow of blood and oxygen through the body, which may help to fight fatigue, promote mental clarity, and improve overall health. 


Tremella is often known as the “beauty mushroom” because of its potential ability to enhance hydration and reduce aging. It may also have notable neuroprotective and antiinflammatory effects


Chaga is another immunity-boosting fungus, though it’s often known for its high antioxidant levels. Traditional practitioners (especially in Russia and Asia) may use Chaga to treat inflammatory illnesses. 


Reishi is most often chosen for its relaxing effects, which are said to help reduce cortisol (stress) levels. This medicinal mushroom is great for unwinding, but may not offer the caffeine complement you want for a latte.  

Or, Choose a Mushroom Blend

The easiest way for newcomers (or those who just want a simpler option) to break into medicinal mushrooms is by choosing a mushroom blend. Many products (like our Lucid beverage) contain a mix of medicinal mushrooms designed to target specific wellness benefits. In our case, the Lucid formula is designed to enhance cognition, boost energy, and increase immunity to help your body and brain function symbiotically. 

No matter what mushroom products you choose to go with, you need to verify the quality. Not all mushroom products are made equally, and only products made from 100% fruiting body extracts carry the full biological benefits of medicinal mushroom. To learn more about how to choose quality mushroom products, read “What to Look for When Buying Mushroom Coffee: The Health-Conscious Consumer’s Guide.”

Mushroom Coffee Latte

  • 1 serving of mushroom powder (For Lucid Coffee, that’s one tablespoon)
  • 2 tsp maple syrup (or another sweetener of choice, adjusted for desired sweetness)
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1 cup + ¼ cup whole milk or creamy dairy-free milk (such as cashew, coconut, or almond milk)
  • ½ c coffee (use water if using a mushroom coffee blend, like Lucid)

Raspberry Matcha Mushroom Latte

  • 1 serving of mushroom powder 
  • 2 tsp honey (or another sweetener of choice, adjusted for desired sweetness)
  • 1 teaspoon of raspberry syrup
  • 1 cup + ¼ cup whole milk or creamy dairy-free milk (such as cashew, coconut, or almond milk)
  • ½ c hot matcha tea (or water if using Lucid Super Matcha mushroom powder)

Chai Mushroom Latte

  • 1 serving of mushroom powder 
  • 2 tsp honey (or another sweetener of choice, adjusted for desired sweetness)
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 cup + ¼ cup whole milk or creamy dairy-free milk (such as cashew, coconut, or almond milk)
  • ½ c hot chai tea (or hot water if using Lucid Super Chai mushroom powder)

How to Prepare:

  1. Add coffee (or water) to a mug with mushroom powder, any dry ingredients or syrups, and 1 tsp of sweetener. Use a hand mixer to blend for a few seconds until incorporated by not frothy. 
  2. Heat milk in a kettle or saucepan, stirring continuously to prevent sticking. Once milk begins to simmer, remove from heat.
  3. Add approximately ¼ cup of warmed milk to a deep cup or jar (whatever is appropriate for frothing milk without spilling over). Add remaining teaspoon of sweetener to the small jar of milk. 
  4. Pour the remaining steamed milk over the mushroom coffee mix and stir just to incorporate. 
  5. Finally, using a milk frother, froth the small cup of warm milk for approximately 30-45 seconds. The milk will begin to thicken into a light, sweet foam. Gently pour this foam over the top of your mushroom mixture to top it with foam. Enjoy!

Alternative Mushroom Latte Recipes

You can make a few changes to further personalize your mushroom latte. Here are some ideas:

  • Swap out basic sweeteners for flavored syrups. Caramel or french vanilla syrups are popular options. 
  • Skip the steaming and make an iced latte. Simply combine the dry ingredients (or cooled coffee/chai/matcha) with cold milk and stir to combine. Remember, some sweeteners don’t dissolve well in cold liquids, so choose your ingredients wisely. 
  • Try flavored creamers. Sub your sweeteners for a tablespoon or two of your favorite creamer, added to the latte before you top it with foam. 

Why Lucid?

We tried to make these recipes approachable no matter what kind of mushroom powder you have on hand–but there are clear advantages to using a high-quality mushroom product like Lucid. 

For one, our mushroom extract beverages come ready to go! Just add water or milk (hot or cold) for an instant dose of delicious mushroom energy. If you don’t feel like mixing up a frothy latte every day, no worries, there’s no need. A cup of Lucid mushroom coffee is as simple as stirring our mushroom powder into hot water. Drink it black or personalize it with your favorite creamers and sweeteners. 

But convenience isn’t our real divider. The quality of the mushroom extract formula you’ll get with Lucid is unmatched by many mushroom producers. 

Many companies used “full spectrum” mushroom formulas made from mycelium–the underground web of “roots” that eventually spawn mushroom fruiting bodies. Mycelial supplements are cheap and quick to produce, but they carry almost no benefit. 

For comparison, fruiting bodies (the cap and stem “mushroom” portion) can contain 20% beta-glucans or more–the bioactive compound behind most of the mushroom’s medicinal effects. Mycelium, on the other hand, can contain a beta-glucan content of less than 5%. Mycelial products also contain large amounts of grain, the growing medium used to produce mycelium, because the mycelium and grain are nearly inseparable at the time of harvest. 

So, how can you avoid poor-quality mushroom supplements? Choose Lucid. Or at least choose a product that meets Lucid’s standards:

  • made from mushroom extract, not whole mushroom powder
  • extracted from fruiting bodies and not mycelial biomass
  • made using a single hot water extraction process
  • organically sourced
  • verifiable beta-glucan content
  • additional ingredients are also clean and aligned with your needs

Our three Lucid varieties are made from premium ingredients, like 100% organic Colombian Coffee, cryogenically ground Masala Chai, and AAA grade Japanese Matcha. 

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