Our Mushroom Stack

Each dose contains 2000mg of mushrooms that are made from fruited bodies, 100% certified organic, and processed in GMP certified facilities.


The mushroom for the mind. Research shows that it contains compounds that may improve cognition, activate nerve growth, reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Known as the “beauty mushroom” for its moisturizing properties & anti-aging effects on skin & skin cell growth, and repairing & preventing premature skin aging by keeping skin hydrated & supple.


Known as the athlete's best friend. Research shows its ability to increase endurance, performance and improve heart health. It’s been used in Chinese Medicine to treat fatigue, kidney disease, and low sex drive.


Known for boosting immunity, supports gut health and combats oxidative stress with its antioxidants. It remains a cornerstone in modern wellness practices.

Our Nootropics Stack

Our nootropics are sourced carefully and processed using GMP manufacturing standards.


A powerful nootropic compound that has been shown to enhance cognitive ability, improve focus, learning & memory. It can even boost athletic performance by improving muscle function and power output. 


An amino acid naturally found in tea leaves that aids in lowering stress levels, improving sleep & focus. It’s popularity is due to its ability to relax you without causing drowsiness, especially when combined with caffeine. 


At low doses, new research has shown that creatine is an extremely powerful nootropic. It boosts brain function by increasing ATP energy, enhancing memory, focus, and clarity without weight gain or water retention.


An amino acid that aids in the production of neurotransmitters that help nerve cells communicate and balance mood. It can also help in the function of organs responsible for making and regulating hormones.


Derived from a unique ancient tree that's existed for 250 million years and popular in Chinese Medicine, that helps focus on improving circulation, has antioxidant properties, aids in neurogenesis.