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Really enjoying it

I opened this email as I am having a cup of Lucid right now. It has been great. Taste is amazing and my wife likes it as well. I'm fixing to upgrade to two bags a month since she has started drinking it daily as well.

Great coffee

I have tried other mushroom coffee, and this has been my favorite. It mixes up so much better than other brands. There is no sludge left at the bottom. It is a little more expensive but for actual mushrooms, I feel it’s worth it. Taste is also great!

Love it!!!

I have tried all the mushroom coffees out there, and I have to say that this Least gritty. But I also noticed a sense of alertness throughout the day and focus that I didn’t get with the other. You can drink at hot or iced sometimes I just like to get up and mix it with my protein and go but other days I’d like it hot with a little bit of cream to start my morning off right. Definitely recommend!

Green means go get more!

It’s the right kind of unforgettable that makes you excited for the next cup!

New to Lucid

Giving 5 stars for now, I have only been drinking it for almost a week now. I drank RYZE for 6 months taste was good but no changes in any of their advertising. So, I just switched to Lucid, Taste great and easy to make. ...A little more expensive, but if I can feel any of he changes that they advertise it will be well worth the extra $$. I understand it will take a month, maybe 6 months for it to make a difference, so I am remaining hopeful. And, keep it 5 stars.

Loving Lucid

I’ve been drinking it for a couple of weeks now and I love it! I’ve tried other mushroom coffees before and Lucid tastes great, has the caffeine for a little boost and doesn’t mess with your stomach. Will definitely buy again.

Game changer

I've been drinking a cup each morning for the last 30 days. I have more energy during the day, my workouts are more intense and focused and I'm sleeping better than I have in years. Great product! I'm recommending to all my clients.

Taste good

Product taste good and creamy

Amazing! This is definitely a my new matcha blend. Thank you!

Tastes good

I've only had it a few days but I like the taste. I'm not sure if I feel different but I feel like I'm able to stay busy through out the day.

Love my 🍄

Love the veriety of mushrooms and it tastes like chocolate 😋 love my Lucid!

Great taste, quality product

I've enjoyed Lucid so far

Lucid™ Nootropic+Mushroom Starter Kit

5 star

Love the coffee, but kinda pricey. Since I have a frother from my 1st order, I really don’t need another.

The taste!

The richness, freshness, complexity, and depth of taste contribute to the overall enjoyment of the cup of mushroom coffee.

Lucid - Game Changer

Since taking Lucid for nearly 3 months now, I can truly say it has sustain my energy for longer periods and it gives me clarity throughout a long day of work. I enjoy a cup in the morning and my worries just go away for the day and I know I will be able to tackle whatever obstacle may come my way for the day. I will continue to purchase Lucid and have passed along my experiences to my wife and family. This is a Game Changer!

Dustin J.


I love the taste and how I feel

Early yet, but nice product so far.

Haven't experienced any changes beyond being able to cut caffeine significantly with no withdrawal effects or lethargy. I buy this in lieu of highly caffeinated diet sodas, even at $40/month it's still plenty cheaper than my former soda habit. Seems to be high quality, and has a pleasant taste (comparable to black coffee). Hopefully there are good changes coming for me soon, both from the benefits of Lucid and from cutting out the nasty chemical sodie pops. I'm happy. The little mixer that comes with the starter kit is such a cute little gadget!

Absolutely worth the money!

Great product! Great deal!


Loving the smooth energy delivery and uplifting mood. Been drinking Lucid for 3 weeks and loving it.

Taking Lucid for a little over a month

I've tried MUDWTR and it was not sustainable for me (taste-wise); I couldn't stomach down this gritty gnarly substance but Lucid is actually really tasty. After taking it for a few days I noticed that I was craving it every morning. I've been taking it for a little over a month now and I can definitely say that the biggest thing I've noticed is my mood. I used to always get super sad/anxious/depressed right before my period to the point I was thinking about possibly taking a small dose of anti-depressants bc my mood was so bad. But since I've been taking Lucid I haven't felt like that at all and don't dread getting my period! I feel more calm and happy overall which is a really nice change. Will keep continuing this product bc it's been working and that's really the only change I've made in my everyday life. Thanks Lucid!

Never going back to coffee!

This coffee is A++. So far I’ve only tried the super coffee, It tastes amazing. They did forget to give me a sample of the Chi coffee, sadly. I’ve been drinking coffee for years now. I’m 30 & over the past year I started to have painful indigestion, chest pain, heart flutters, anxiety attacks, and even GI issues. It’s been hard to give up coffee because it helps my body go. I can’t get a thing done without coffee. I tried MUD brand 3 years ago and I was terrible, so I was nervous to try this when I stared my search again, but knew I had to find something that gave me the same energy, but not as hard on my body. This has helped clear all the symptoms listed above that coffee was causing!
I still have anxiety, but that’s something I’ll always live with. I do feel this has toned down my attacks and doesn’t send me into an attack the way coffee would. I do suffer with ADHD & choose not to take medication & found caffeine naturally helps me focus on tasks, but this helps me just as much! So thankful for this super mushroom coffee! I tell everyone about it. 🍄


Everything was absolutely wonderful except for the caffeine. I try to avoid it (caffeine) as much as possible.

So delicious!

I love the taste and the reduced caffeine keeps me from having jitters. I love it!!