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Best mornings ever!

I love starting my mornings with Lucid! It gives me clean, long lasting energy and I am now hooked!

Only mushroom coffee so far that I can drink by itself

I’ve tried a lot of other mushroom coffees and while good, I usually need to mask them in my coffee still. However, Lucid is tasty enough that I can drink it on its own. It tastes good, nothing like mushrooms which I don’t like anyways. Very satisfied!


In all honesty, I didn’t want to love it this much. But, it is amazing and I’m hooked. I started drinking mushroom coffee out of absolute desperation. Months of being sick and unable to eat left me in a very bad state and I needed a lot of help with focus, clarity and maintaining any amount of energy. Lucid truly helps with all of that and doesn’t make my situation worse. I want to heal in the most natural way possible and Dose has become a big part of that. Bonus, I don’t even miss or desire regular coffee.

Love love love

I’ve ditched my regular coffee routine after 20 years and never felt better! The taste is great and I love it with my regular creamer. Best part is how I feel! After only one day I noticed I felt significantly less bloated & I didn’t even know I was feeling that way until I had something to compare it to! I overall just feel better. My energy is more consistent throughout the day keeping up with my 2 year old twins and 5 year old daughters. I’m excited to keep this routine! I feel I’m worth the investment, it’s worth the price.

Absolutely love it!

I got Lucid as a healthy alternative to all the energy drinks I was having. Not only is it cheaper but it tastes just like coffee. It’s became my new daily drink quite easily.

Good stuff

I was happy with the support this formula afforded me.

A good alternative

After drinking Lucid coffee for a few weeks I will say I'm quite happy with it. It's been extremely difficult to find a product that has everything I want it to have, but that I actually enjoy drinking! I'm an avid coffee lover and the transition away has been difficult but I do enjoy lucid and I can say it has been a positive in my daily routine of giving me that little boost I need without the negatives. Obviously, it doesn't taste exactly like a normal coffee, but I have found my ways of adjusting it so that I can enjoy it each morning. It blends very well and overall I like it a lot!

Life changing

I deal with chronic anxiety, inflammation, and rheumatoid arthritis. I was not expecting the results that I got from switching over. My symptoms of anxiety have significantly decreased and I handle stress much better even after using for 10 days or so. My skin is clearer, my stomach is flatter, my mood is better, and my arthritis symptoms have vanished. THANK YOU LUCID

My new fav

I ditched coffee a while back and started drinking muddy waters. I loved the reduction in caffeine and other benefits of mushrooms but was not a fan of major sludge in my drink every.single.time.

Ever Lucid.

Love the taste. Love that I can make and take and drink slowly without having to remix or chew the last sip.

Live that I get a mental boost without the crash. This is my new go-to for sure.


I'm really enjoying my experience so far. I love frothing my oat milk and pouring it over ice.

Loved it!

The mushroom coffee tastes great. Also has helped me with being less bloated and no crashes

Super High Quality Blends!

I'm very impressed with the Lucid super coffee and chai blends. The ingredients are top-notch, and the potency of the blends bring a nice and balanced energetic boost throughout the day. The texture/flavor of the super coffee is a bit more mushroomy/earthy than coffee-flavored, but with the right balance of creamer/sweetener, it still tastes pretty darn good overall. The super chai won me over with the delicately-spiced flavor profile, and the energetic effects were spot on with the super coffee as well. Overall, Lucid has a super high-quality product with slick presentation to boot, and their customer service is friendly and top-notch as well! Thanks for a great product, Lucid team!

Glad I tried it

Hi guys. Katy here. I am so happy I tried out your Lucid Starter Kit. I was pleasantly surprised at all the terrific items that were included. Also, the packaging is outstanding and beautiful. Since I am not a coffee connoisseur I chose the CHAI flavor and loved it. This has now become a midday routine for me that I look forward to. I feel calm and focused after sipping the CHAI. Since I am running out of product, I am now going to subscribe. This may sound silly, but I also enjoy the whole process of preparing my warm cup of CHAI. I may even venture into the other flavors. Great product and I wish you ongoing success.

Love it for my MS!

Ever since I started taking Lucid coffee I have been having less brain fog! My face would also twich after a shower (MS things lol :( ) but I noticed after taking Lucid for a week the twitching would be less, or sometimes my face wouldn't twitch at all! Coincidence? I don't think so! If there is one critique I have is that it doesn't taste like coffee at all but has a rather earthy flavor (that's how you know everything is organic :D) but it's not bad. You'll get used to it, but I do miss the flavor of coffee. Awesome product, would highly recommend.
PS. Forgot to mention that I hadn't ran in 3 months due to my MS but decided to get my health back and I was able to do a mile in 14 minutes the 1st week on Lucid. 2 weeks later I can do a mile in 10 minutes! So the cordyceps do help! Ok! Now I'm done! 😁

Love it

Keeps me focused at work

Flavor is ok Wrong spoon

The flavor took a little while to get used to, but I eventually started liking it more. I am going to run out very early since the included spoon was too big. I wish you could order 2 half size flavors a month so you could have variety.

Very Tasty

Lucid is remarkably flavorful and feels mentally refreshing and stimulating

Lucid™ Mushroom+Nootropic Coffee

Focused energy

An awesome addition to my morning coffee that has helped to improve my skin & help me sustain focused energy all day.

Great stuff

I’ve tried “Mud/Wtr”, “Ryze”, “Everyday Dose”, and “Lucid”. “Dose” and “Lucid” are the best I’ve tried so far. I feel that “Lucid” is by the best as it has more mushrooms and gives a better “lucid” affect. The taste is pleasant and energizing. My memory, functionality and focus -all day has never been better (even better than adderall in my opinion) Lucid you are my morning “go to” - to wake up and function. Thank you.

Mushroom Coffee

Really great product! I love the taste when I mix it into milk, and it’s been a really great treat since I stopped drinking coffee

Best Mushroom/Nootropics Coffee!

This coffee is amazing and has become a staple to my morning routine.
1. The effects are insane. I feel energized, awake, and ready to take on anything that comes my way for the day. It's almost like a mini dose of Adderall without all the negative effects. It also helps me with my morning bowel movements, which never happened consistently before for me as a woman.
2. The flavor is so good!! I personally like to add a tiny shot of creamer, but it really isn't needed. It's a warm cup of thick cocoa each morning and I wish I could have more than 1 cup a day!
3. The customer service is wonderful! To offer a full coffee bag, a coffee cup, a serving spoon, a mixer, and two extra samples all for the price of a normal coffee bag is a great incentive for people and saved me money from needing to a buy a mixer and serving spoon. Also, I received an email stating that the serving spoon I received was an incorrect size and they will be sending me a new one with my next subscription order delivery!
4. The packaging is so beautiful. You guys really did an amazing job on that! In a highly consumeristic world, those little things matter and aren't so little.

Thank you Lucid! You have officially made me a productive morning girlie!


Serious caffeine junkie here. Suddenly, after 30+ years of a very high threshold to caffeine I became aware
Of being edgy, crabby, and out of energy. I’d been reading up on mushroom coffee and tried 3 or 4. I landed onto Lucid for a number of reasons (taste, formulation, and a really cool cup) and I was hooked. Now I have 1 serving of caffeinated coffee a day - and anything else is Lucid. I hope that they begin to offer a larger monthly offering and a great tin to keep it in.

Sooooo Good!!!

Lucid’s Super Matcha provides everything I’ve been looking for, including their proprietary mushroom and nootropic blends. It’s a must-try. You won’t be disappointed.

Effective and delicious

What a delicious treat before a long nights work. Gives incredible clarity and energy that’s a pleasure to drink. Unlike others I’ve tried that taste like dirt and almost proud of it. This is coffee shop flavor but it’s a superfood… bravo!