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Moriah Serra

Lucid Chai with nootropics have helped me In unanticipated ways . Before I gave up coffee I was a constipated mess . Now I go everyday with that one simple change .

Great product and service!

Totally worth the money. You get a real sense of people doing their very best to put out a product that is truly remarkable and does everything they say it does. This is people taking real pride in their work. And the customer service is phenomenal.

Soooo Good!!

I love the mellow as well as its smooth taste. It’s not gritty and mixes really well. I’m definitely going to continue with this product.


My only complaint is that there wasn't enough! I found myself thinking about it during the day and finished my first bag in 10 days not 30. I like it black or with a little oat milk

Love it

This stuff is awesome. I had been struggling with sadness and motivation every day, but since I've started drinking this, it's helped my mood, energy and drive tremendously!

Delicious and energizing

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first order of Lucid and I will be placing another order. Hopefully I don’t run out before then. There has been a noticeable difference in my energy now that I’ve been drinking a cup daily. I drink mine with oat milk and it’s pretty tasty 😋

A mazing!!!

This coffee is so much better than regular coffee. No side effects of regular coffee, improves my focus and overall mental


If lucid had stores all over the country, America would run on lucid and be a hell of a lot smarter.

Delicious and so effective

I work nights and making this into an iced latte of my choosing over any coffee shop on my way to work has been essential. I dont have crashes anymore at 3am. Its excellent with my fav oat milk creamer and froths so good. I cant chose with flavor is my favorite, all 3 are so tasty and put you in the mood to get stuff done. So glad i tried lucid.


I absolutely love it!

Love it!

I think the taste is great and I love how I haven’t drank, nor needed coffee in almost a month! Great job!

It's a good matcha.

It's one of the better tasting Matchas I've drank.

Love it so far!

Great product! My favorite mushroom coffee I’ve tried so far!

Got rid of sharp pains in my chest

Anytime I drink coffee I get sharp pains in my heart. But as a mom of 4 and a business owner I need my coffee. When I switched to this I was surprised to notice that I no longer have any heart pains, I will be a customer forever ! Love this stuff.

The only way

I used to drink regular coffee... and I used to think there was no way around the jitteriness and crash a few hours later...Until I found Lucid. The stability and consistency is such a relief. To have consistent non-jittery energy and no crash is a game changer!

Really Good!

I really like the coffee flavor and the chai. I tweak them both to my liking by adding a bit of coconut milk and a little monk fruit. The chai could use a little extra cinnamon/nutmeg. But that’s my opinion..and they are easy add ins.

Lucid changed my life.

Amazing. I can feel a big difference in my day to day performance. This product is outstanding. The crash i usually get after 12h00 pm is not even there anymore, i perform like i am just waking up in the morning full of energy. I do sleep better at night and don't feel as tired in the morning when waking up and the results are insane . I don't like sharing my mushroom coffee but for this kind of result , I am experiencing a huge difference from now to before when taking the product . I want the world to know that this product is no joke. Everyones body is different, but the result is insane and amazing and you will not regret it . You guys are definitely going to feel a difference in your day to day performance in life, work etc..... . Please give it a shot. It's worth it, big time. Lucid don't stop the production of this wonderful product and definitely don't let another company take over or change the formula. This is amazing. Thank you Lucid for this wonderful product. I am mind blown and still am today. Peace.

Lucid™ Nootropic+Mushroom Starter Kit

Better than traditional coffee

I have been drinking coffee and energy drinks for several years now, usually just a couple cups a day. Drinking my one thermos of Lucid Super Coffee compared to a thermos of normal high quality coffee, I see a noticeable difference with my level of alertness and mental clarity. There is always bit of residue in the last drink, which is a little hard to get through, but I feel that is unavoidable with any instant mix drink and in the case of Lucid that is a final shot of the good stuff! Definitely has an earthy taste that took some getting used to for me personally. I do not eat mushrooms ever though so probably not bad for someone that does.

Please never stop making this!!!

Initially, I started having headaches each evening and thought that I couldn't take it. I contacted Lucid and they promptly gave me a refund. However, about a month later I decided to try again at a lower dose. I use 1 tsp instead of 1 tbsp which is 1/3 of the recommended dose.I take this daily now with no ill side effects or headaches. I live the many benefits it gives! I approach tasks with gumption, I am more at ease and have much less anxiety overall. I am so thankful for this coffee please don't ever stop making it!!!😊


I am loving the chai. It’s a wonderful flavor and doesn’t make me jittery. I would love a caffeine free selection at some point but for now I’’m completely satisfied.

Coffee and chai

The first time after I was drinking lucid coffee I felt so energized, after a week my body get used to it and I just need a little bit more than a tbsp. Overall I feel slightly better, not sure that I am more focused than usual but def I’ll stick to lucid. Chai also is good , very strong spice. I re-ordered coffee again, instead of tea, I guess it’s just not my thing, I prefer mild teas. Coffee is good !


Love Lucid! Clarity coupled with taste makes for a good cup of joe;)


well, tried all 3 and pretty good. Like the chi but wished it had a little more of a bite. Now trying the match and enjoying it. It takes some getting used to if you have never had matcha before. Im not seeing any real clarity in the am, or boost to my thinking.........BUT, I can say since I started replacing Lucid for my organic light roast = no more gastro intestinal issues. And no more caffeine rushes. Im sticking with this for now. Thank you Lucid!

Great stuff

I am never going back to regular coffee. I have tried the other brands, this is the only one I like.