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Very good

I tried both samples first. Found I did not care for the Matcha but sort of liked the Chai. I really like the bag of Lucid. I have noticed some changes in my mood. Don’t seem to be as cranky. The tablespoon is a bit too strong for my taste so I use a bit less.

Great taste

Great taste, minor far...
Read reviews looking for coffee replacement to help reduce anxiety, improve gut health, brain fog, increase productivity & memory. All ingredients listed in Lucid reflect the majority of these benefits so, I signed up.
I've tried several other Chai version of mushroom coffee but the taste is incomparable. Lucid, hands down, taste the best!
It's taste is amazing but the only results I've seen thus far is a reduction in anxiety after 4 weeks.
Hoping this great taste can lead to more positive results physically.

The best of the best

I've tried most of the other mushroom coffee. When I made my way to Lucid I finished a bag then went on to try the next brand. It was the first time I felt a difference after switching brands and within a week wanted to go back to Lucid. Drinking Lucid I had better sleep, was more focused at work with a faster reading speed. It's made a difference no other brand has and now that I found the one I'm sticking to it.

Best on the market

Lucids latest formula is improved and has a taste and effect that make it the standout product that it is. I really appreciate the small dose of creatine. Unlike other brands I've tried, I can have just one scoop of this in the morning and be set for the whole day with only water. Thanks and keep it up


Love Lucid ! I have at least 2 drinks made each day.

My Brain Feels Great 👍

I feel Improved overall 😀 and it's fun to drink ✨


I get the lucid chai and the coffee. They are both great tasting a part of my daily routine now!

Mushroom coffee

I'm totally enjoying Lucid coffee. I look forward to a cup every morning. I put my collegen powder and cinnamon in it. Delicious.

Game changer

Since drinking Lucid daily, my panic attacks have disappeared. This calm, thoughtful me is definitely happier than anxious, panic-stricken insomniac me.

hoped to like it. just didn’t.

The mushroom combination and dose provides exactly what I’m looking for.

Delicious and energizing!

I like to mix raw cacao powder and sometimes cinnamon for a hot, chocolatey beverage. The Lucid blends well with the hot water (can’t say the same for the cinnamon I add).

Glad I switched!

Better tasting than my previous mushroom/nootropics coffee and has a larger stack of each. I like the energy and alertness I get from just one morning mug of Lucid coffee.

Super Chai

So far so good! It taste is impresive, I didn’t think it was going to taste so good.

Better than ryze

It mixes better with water no residue at the bottom of your cup when you're done. It also taste better

Great Taste and dissolves well

I really like lucid. Their mushroom coffee and chai has great taste and both dissolve very well.

Satisfied customer

I started trying mushroom coffee about 6 months ago and think Lucid is definitely the best tasting. It's not watery tasting and consistency is full after adding my creamer. As far as it's potency I believe it's also stronger than the other brands, keeping my up during the bulk of my night driving!! I will continue to buy it although I wish it was cheaper.

I recently tried Lucid Mushroom Coffee, and it's delicious. Unlike other mushroom coffees I've had, Lucid has a rich and smooth flavor without any unpleasant aftertaste. I just received my order today and had two cups. I'm impressed and excited to become a subscriber. Highly recommended!

Premium Mushroom Coffee - a caffeine free option would be nice

This has been a delicious transition. However, there is still too much caffeine. I notice coffee was making me foggy so I started drinking decaf and felt so much better. So I thought I would at least try to gain some benefit from my morning beverage. Would love an even less caffeine option or a decaf / herbal option.

Taste Great

This taste exactly like Matcha Tea should taste, with no funky mushroom flavor. I have ADHD and have notice an improvement in my ability to focus and stay in the room. I love this stuff!

Morning Pick Me Up!

Love the straightforward ingredients.
My new go-to pick-me-up beverage with no more coffee jitters and crashes.
Really enjoying this mushroom coffee.

Very good

Very good! Tastes just like coffee! I was concerned about the lower levels of caffeine since I usually do a lot more, but I have had lots of energy and my anxiety has improved

Tastes Amazing!

This tastes so good & works amazing!


Wow! I have been having a very-focused blast! The energy level is through the roof, even with only drinking one-half of a cup daily. I complete my To-Do List and feel the difference in my joint pain. I experience little to no joint pain because of the reduction of the inflammation in my system. Focus, increased energy and reduction of inflammation have been the benefits that I have experienced in only two weeks! I can't wait to see what my 30 day results will be!

Lucid starter

Better than anything I have tried in my 66 years.