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Grown by Nature. Fueled by Science. 

Lucid™ is a premium nootropic+mushroom drink that heavily focuses on BOTH to help boost your peak performance and optimize the way your body operates.

Our stacks include:

🍄 Mushroom Stack (2,000mg): 
Lion's Mane, Tremella, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail

⚡ Nootropic Stack (3,000mg): 
Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine, Creatine, L-Tyrosine and Ginkgo Biloba

💩 No Fillers
Made from USDA organic mushroom extract made from 100% fruiting bodies. No mycelial biomass. No starch. No oats or grain as fillers. Period.

🔬 Lab Tested
Third party lab tested for pesticides, metals, allergens and mycotoxins.

👑 Serious Dosage
Gram for gram, Lucid delivers more than x2 the dosage of active ingredients than many other brands. (See the chart for yourself)

Energy Upgrade

Unlock a new level of long lasting stable energy with increased laser focus & mental clarity.

Superior Quality & Dosage

Lucid contains the highest quality & largest dose of active ingredients than any other product.

Focus on Longevity

Adaptogens work to improve immune system function, gut health & overall wellness.

Vibe Check

Reduce levels of stress on the nervous system that coffee brings. Eliminate jitters & crashes.

Mushrooms for your body

Functional mushrooms have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. They boost our immune system, gut health, energy and so much more. Thousands of science backed case studies have surfaced showing how beneficial these magical superfoods can be for our overall health.


For the Mind.


For Hydrated Skin.


For Endurance


For Immunity.

Nootropics for your mind

Nootropics are known as "cognitive enhancers". They are intended to boost many aspects of brain function such as memory, alertness, focus and even positively affect mood. Fun Fact: Caffeine is also considered a nootropic.


For Laser Focus.


For Energy Stabilization


Brain Fuel. (A powerful nootropic at low doses)


For Mood.


For Circulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 766 reviews
Great taste

Great taste, minor far...
Read reviews looking for coffee replacement to help reduce anxiety, improve gut health, brain fog, increase productivity & memory. All ingredients listed in Lucid reflect the majority of these benefits so, I signed up.
I've tried several other Chai version of mushroom coffee but the taste is incomparable. Lucid, hands down, taste the best!
It's taste is amazing but the only results I've seen thus far is a reduction in anxiety after 4 weeks.
Hoping this great taste can lead to more positive results physically.

Ash N.
The best of the best

I've tried most of the other mushroom coffee. When I made my way to Lucid I finished a bag then went on to try the next brand. It was the first time I felt a difference after switching brands and within a week wanted to go back to Lucid. Drinking Lucid I had better sleep, was more focused at work with a faster reading speed. It's made a difference no other brand has and now that I found the one I'm sticking to it.

Best on the market

Lucids latest formula is improved and has a taste and effect that make it the standout product that it is. I really appreciate the small dose of creatine. Unlike other brands I've tried, I can have just one scoop of this in the morning and be set for the whole day with only water. Thanks and keep it up

Trisha L.

Love Lucid ! I have at least 2 drinks made each day.

Julie W.
My Brain Feels Great 👍

I feel Improved overall 😀 and it's fun to drink ✨

tim l.

I get the lucid chai and the coffee. They are both great tasting a part of my daily routine now!

Mushroom coffee

I'm totally enjoying Lucid coffee. I look forward to a cup every morning. I put my collegen powder and cinnamon in it. Delicious.

Alice W.
Game changer

Since drinking Lucid daily, my panic attacks have disappeared. This calm, thoughtful me is definitely happier than anxious, panic-stricken insomniac me.


hoped to like it. just didn’t.

Gordon T.

The mushroom combination and dose provides exactly what I’m looking for.

Frequently asked questions

Lucid’s proprietary mushroom stack + nootropic stack deliver a plethora of benefits, including enhancing calmness, sharper focus, immune support, gut health, digestion, and more. All of this with half the caffeine of normal coffee, no jitters, and sustained energy without the crash.

Let's get real for a moment. If other brands tastes a lot like regular coffee.... it most likely is! Many brands put the lowest possible amount of mushrooms in their servings to make the highest possible profit, most don't even state it on the label. Always read the label! Lucid delivers the highest dose of mushrooms AND nootropics possible at 4,000mg per dose because we are serious about creating a product that works. Mushrooms have an earthy tone and it's inevitable that you will notice. If you detect no earthiness in any brand you try, you're probably getting little to zero in your serving. However, we did a lot work on our formulation to find all the right elements that harmonize those earthy tones with the deep flavors of Coffee, Chai, or Matcha. If you want to see the real data, take a look at our comparison chart above.

While most other brands solely focus on medicinal mushrooms (which is great), Lucid focuses brings a new dimension in combining a powerful dose of both medicinal mushrooms and nootropics into your system. This promotes an even higher level of healthy functioning of your body and mind.

Each Lucid beverage contains less than half the amount of caffeine as regular coffee and energy drinks:

- Lucid Super Coffee: 45mg

- Lucid Super Chai: 35mg

- Lucid Super Matcha: 42mg

Nootropics are a class of substances that are believed to enhance cognitive function, including memory, creativity, and motivation. Sometimes referred to as "smart drugs" or "brain boosters", people use nootropics to improve their cognitive performance, particularly for tasks that require focus and concentration. They may also be used to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Nootropics have been around for a while but have recently sparked booming trend.

No. Medicinal mushrooms, also known as functional mushrooms, focus on different types of benefits, and have no psychedelic properties. Will you feel magical after drinking a cup? The chances are good.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult with your physician before drinking it.