What Are Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages (& Why They're Better Than Pills)

What Are Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages (& Why They're Better Than Pills) - Lucid™

Cordyceps, the performance enhancer of the medicinal mushroom world, is available in many forms, from brightly packaged tinctures to brilliantly formulated edibles and even as a part of many nootropic stacks.

Though you could take the time to try them all, we’re here to make the case for Cordyceps edibles and beverages, and why they are a great way to incorporate this fantastic little fungus into your daily routine

Let's jump right in:

Key Takeaways

Cordyceps edibles are a delicious, convenient way to incorporate daily cordyceps doses.

A single extracted, concentrated form of cordyceps is most effective for therapeutic purposes.

Avoid whole powder capsules and tinctures containing alcohol because they are often impotent.

What is Cordyceps? 

Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom that has been traditionally used as a medicinal compound. It is known for its potential health benefits, including boosting energy, supporting immune function, and improving athletic performance.


Due to its rarity and high cost, Cordyceps Sinensis, the wild strain of cordyceps, is not often used for supplemental purposes. Instead, Cordyceps Militaris, a species of cordyceps, is widely cultivated for supplements, which makes a wide range of Cordyceps supplements increasingly popular and accessible.


As we've previously explained in "Cordyceps Types: How to Choose a Cordyceps Supplement," not all Cordyceps supplements are made equally, and there are several reasons why edibles and beverages may prevail over capsules or tinctures.

Types Of Cordyceps Edibles, Beverages, And More

Some examples of cordyceps edibles may include:


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Baked goods
  • Gummies
  • Powders to be added to foods


Other types of Cordyceps supplements may include:


  • capsules/pills
  • tinctures

Why Are Cordyceps Edibles And Beverages Better Than Cordyceps Pills?

Cordyceps edibles and beverages, like cordyceps coffee or various foods made with cordyceps, like cordyceps gummies, are a brilliant choice for daily supplemental use to boost stamina. In many cases, edibles are a better choice than capsules and tinctures.

Here’s why:

Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages are Usually Concentrated

Typically, this type of cordyceps supplement is more likely to be made using cordyceps extract and therefore contains a larger dose of beneficial beta glucans and other bioactive compounds. This is directly inverse to many capsules and supplements made using cordyceps powder, a whole mushroom material that does not have concentrated therapeutic benefits. Let us explain the difference:

Cordyceps extracts are concentrated forms of cordyceps, usually obtained through a process of hot water extraction or dual extraction. This extraction method aims to isolate the beneficial compounds from the mushroom, making them more bioavailable and easier for the body to absorb.

Powdered cordyceps, on the other hand, consists of ground-up mushroom material. Powders are less concentrated than extracts and are generally preferred only for their nutritional value since they contain the fiber, protein, and other macronutrients found in the raw mushroom.

The extract base of most edibles is the reason that the dosing style wins over other supplement styles, even when considering factors such as potency, convenience, and personal preference.

You can learn more by reading “Mushroom Powder vs Extract: What’s the Difference & Which is Best?

Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages Are Easier to Dose

Edibles allow you to adjust your dose at intervals that aren’t available when using capsules. You can, for instance, make a slightly stronger cup of Cordyceps coffee if you feel like your regular dosage isn’t doing enough for you. With capsules, you can only adjust your dosage by the amount available in one single capsule. That makes them less convenient for new cordyceps consumers who want to experiment with different dosages.

Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages May Absorb Better

Cordyceps edibles, and especially beverages, may have a better absorption rate than capsules alone. Taking cordyceps in small sips over half an hour or more may allow the body a better chance to absorb beneficial compounds as opposed to taking one singular capsule dosage.

Researchers aren’t entirely sure what affects the absorption of cordyceps, but some sources suggest that taking medicinal mushrooms like gummies with plenty of water is the best way to increase absorption and energize your body. Plus, many studies use small doses 2-3 times a day as opposed to one singular dose to increase absorption and consistency.

Cordyceps Edibles and Beverages Are Delicious 

The most obvious reason why Cordyceps edibles may be the best type of mushroom produce is because they are delicious and desirable. It’s incredibly easy for a cup of cordyceps coffee to become a habitual, even ritualistic part of your morning routine. Or, an edible product can be carried with you on the go and enjoyed for lunch or as a pre-workout boost. Either way, you don't have to worry about missing dosage as much as you may when using a capsule or tincture supplement.


Are Cordyceps Tinctures Edibles?

Earlier, we mentioned tinctures as an alternative, non-edible variety of cordyceps supplements, which we understand can be a bit confusing. After all, tinctures are dropped into the mouth and are sometimes flavored or disguised as an additive for other foods and beverages. Still, when cordyceps comes in liquid, tincture form, there are some specific drawbacks.

Most importantly, cordyceps tinctures are made using a double extraction process that utilizes alcohol. Although it sounds logical to say that two extraction steps are better than using single, hot water extraction alone, that is not the case for many mushroom supplements. (Read "Dual Extract Mushroom vs Hot Water Extract: Which is Best for Mushroom Supplements?" to learn more.)

The addition of alcohol may degrade the beta-glucan content. Most tinctures contain at least some amount of alcohol in the final product, so it’s highly unlikely that a tincture will be as potent as a dry extract.

So, while tinctures are an edible-style product that are taken by mouth, they are not as effective as an edible made from single-extracted cordyceps extract.

FAQ: Cordyceps Edibles

What are Cordyceps Edibles?

Cordyceps Edibles refer to food products that contain extracts or components of the cordyceps fungus. These edible items are typically fungus-based and may offer various health benefits when consumed.

How do Cordyceps Edibles affect the body?

Cordyceps edibles are known for their potential to provide a boost in energy and may support overall health and well-being. The specific effects can vary based on the individual and the species of cordyceps used in the product.

Are Cordyceps Edibles safe to consume?

When taken as directed, cordyceps edibles are typically considered safe for most individuals. However, it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplement to your dietary regimen.

Where can I find Cordyceps Edibles?

Cordyceps edibles can be found in health food stores, online marketplaces, and specialty food shops. They are increasingly popular due to their potential health benefits.

Can Cordyceps Edibles be used as a dietary supplement?

Yes, cordyceps edibles are often used as a dietary supplement to support overall health and well-being. 

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